As modern life becomes increasingly digital, the importance of data centres is rising all over the world. Data centres are highly complex operations that depend upon many different components – and cooling is one of the most important of them.

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Data centre managers focused on efficiency are usually obsessed with temperature. It’s a critical concern since servers generate an enormous amount of heat and savings in energy costs will contribute to the profitability of data centres. As important, keeping the facility at an ideal temperature 24/7 is essential in order to prevent critical IT equipment from overheating – which might cause downtime.

With our experience in big scale installations, we are a trusted partner for IT cooling. So you can be assured that our high quality product portfolio offers you both energy efficiency and reliable operation.

You’re in control

For additional peace of mind, add-on control systems and accessories are available.

Thanks to the intelligent control system GMMnext, significant energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved. Also, it features a wide range of safety options to keep everything running like clockwork and prevent downtime.

In order to ensure stable operation – particularly in the event of high ambient temperatures – you can rely on HydroBLUTM ,our adiabatic pre-cooling system.

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